5 Pieces For Your Wardrobe This Autumn


Shorter days and cooler nights— add these pieces to your Autumn wardrobe.

The best part about a new season is a change in fashion. The summer wardrobe can be a tricky one, (especially if you live in a humid climate). Autumn means we can layer up and easily style outfits without sweating about the weather so much. From staple white shirts to knitted vests, and leather trousers making a surprising comeback— build your Autumn wardrobe with these trends.


Staple White Shirt

The forever-loved white shirt is not a new staple in our Autumn wardrobes by any means, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find new ways to style it. Choose a classic white shirt to master the smart casual look for all occasions. Style an oversized or relaxed fit shirt with straight legged trousers and your favourite boots or— an a-lined skirt, perfect for those straight from the office to work drinks days.  

Whether you’re looking for a classic oxford fit or balloon sleeve shirt, Weekday have all the styles and fits you could need.


Revamped Pinstriped Shirt

Pinstriped shirts have been around for longer than we would care to remember. A noticeable twist for the new season—a more boldly woven stripe has made it’s way onto the scene— and seemingly its smaller predecessor has stepped aside. This revamp is a welcome change, so it certainly has earned a place in our Autumn wardrobe. 

Arket’s relaxed cotton Shirt is an admirable statement piece that compliments a minimal look. 


Versatile Knitted Vests

Love them or loathe them— the knitted vest is here to stay! It’s not only versatile and weather appropriate, but it can effortlessly revamp old clothes and pose as a whole new outfit. Perfectly paired with a crisp long-sleeved white shirt or reach for a plain tee. Undeniably—you can dress a knitted vest up or down— which is why this piece really should be a staple for your Autumn wardrobe. 

EDW loves this minimal v-neck COS knitted vest for an everyday look. It’s an investment piece made to last for this season and those to come. 


Quirky Leather Trousers

Leather trousers (or leather-look) can be a fun way to add an element of texture to your outfit. You might immediately think of rock ‘n’ roll, luckily leather trousers have been completely transformed into a stylish everyday piece. To avoid any wardrobe malfunctions, it’s best to opt for a wide-legged style. Full-length leather trousers are a distinguishable statement piece, yet can be dulled down if worn with plain ankle boots and a turtle neck top for simplicity. But, if you’re daring for a statement outfit, then opt for a cropped or culotte leather trouser and pair them with knee high boots.

Arket’s leather culottes in black or khaki are elegant and ideal for Autumn. 


Bold Over-Sized Blazer

Think eccentrically bold shoulders and sleeves that are questionably long. From double-breasted to puff sleeves, all that really matters is the bigger the shoulder the better the blazer. An over-sized blazer is a must have for your Autumn wardrobe, it’s laid back and fuss-free to style. Dress it up with matching trousers and a pair of square-toe heels. Alternatively, dress it down with a hoodie underneath and a pair of wide-leg trousers and your favourite Nikes. 

For all the styles and fits check out Acne Studios.

Featured image courtesy of mikoto.raw via pexels image 1 Weekday via Facebook, image 2 ArketOffical via Pinterest, image 3 Cos, image 4 ArketOfficial  image 5 AcneStudios.